March 25 - 29 2024
Hollywood, Florida

Join us for an action-packed week filled with dance, art & craft sessions, soccer games, and thrilling outdoor activities. From unleashing creativity to enjoying sportsmanship and adventure, our camp offers something special for every child.

Secure your spot now and let the springtime fun begin!

Half day program from 8:30 to 2:00 (only camp activities)
Full program from 8:30 to 6:15 (camp activities + regular classes)

The program: Work out, Gymnastics/stretching, Dance classes, Acro, Acting, Public speaking, Vocal, Art and craft, Art classes, Sky Yoga, Taekwondo, Digital Art (need to have your own iPad with apple pen), Chess
+ Outside Activities
+ Back yard and parks
+ Every day field trips (Some field trips can be additional charge)